04 July 2010


Visual Poetry by Individualist

For the last two month I have been so busy with work and taking two classes in school that I have had little time to compose any new art pieces. Now that I am traveling again I cannot take classes and so I have time on the weekends for my Visual Poetry.

I’d thought I start back with a Patriotic poem for the fourth of July. I decided to use the US Constitution as my inspiration since in reality the ideals given to us in that document can be credited with driving our nation’s greatest successes. Hat Tip to the Tea Party movement for making it relevant and hip again. I read some of the article in the US Today paper last week and noted that the same barbed question was asked once more “What does the TEA Party stand for?” This is so tiresome but in thinking about the subject of my poem I have a simple answer for them.


Anything you want to know about what the people in the TEA Party want can be found in that document, the Federalist Papers, the writings of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers who created this country.

Having gotten that off my chest I wish to explain that the pictures of the Liberty Bell come from a photo album commemorating the trip the Liberty Bell took in 1915 from Philadelphia to California. More of that trip can be found at the link below:

Liberty Bell Trip by Train in 1915

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!


  1. Very nice, very Patriotic! And an excellent rendition of American history!

  2. Thanks Andrew

    I thought the 4th deserved something special.