09 August 2009


Visual Poetry by Individualist

Love’s path within an endless trace
A Gordian Knot, a mobius bind cannot be broken
True feelings ne’er untie the tethered case
Awaiting at the closet of the heart a painful token

In silence again the fire of Amor is Late
In this closet mayhap never to be reopened
But know that always I will await
The Love within unchosen

Alast the young’s obsession with Love’s Sting
Misplacing Aphrodite’s Kiss for the Siren’s Calls
Infatuation’s Twisted Face a phantom heartstring
The Knot Bound within, a promise made to thralls

Your moves within to unravel Emotion’s feign
When one loop loosens the other pulls tight
Free your mind from Despair’s analytical strain
In the Wisdom of the Action of Alexander’s Smite

Once cut the bind will thus have two sides
One not complete without the other’s grace
As halves are hearts free to race on Gaia’s rides
The Path to Hera’s Hearth met with Steady Pace

Thus it is so with all life’s noble quests
Happiness cannot exist without its eternal pursuit
In Lemnos Good is forged in Hephaestus Sweats
Eris strains Eros’s leaden sting from taking root

Unexpected will Fate strike thine Heart’s Desire
For every gentle soul seeks their better half
The one whose music sets senses dancing in Fire
Who in later years will happy hearts still laugh

Author’s Notes: According to Greek mythology

The Gordian Knot was a knot that supposedly was to complex to untie. It was said whoever could unravel it would be Emperor. Alexander was rumored to have cut the knot with his sword.

Lemnos is the Island sacred to the God Hephaestus the god of Fire and Smiths where he was thrown down for taking Hera’s side in an argument with Zeus.

Eris was the goddess of discord who would ride a chariot when going to war and bring her son Strife. The Trojan War is said to be indirectly the unfortunate result of inviting Eris to a wedding.

Eris and Hephaestus are Greek gods and goddesses who were the offspring of Hera and Zues

Eros who is Cupid to the Greeks was said to use arrows made of Lead and Gold

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