26 September 2010

Kaveh and the Serpent King

Visual Poetry by Individualist

I wrote this poem after the Greens were protesting in Iran when the government showed its true tyrannical colors when they denied Mousavi the office to which it is clear he was legitimately elected. As our media at the time found other distractions away from this story we heard less from our President on the matter and I was saddened. I really felt that Obama should have recognized Mousavi as the elected President of Iran despite the President's rhetoric that America was doing the best for the movement by ignoring the issue. The emotions in me were strong to address the issue. I channeled the feelings I had from watching the death of Neda Soltan on You Tube into writing this poem. Given Ahmadinejad’s new speech where he reveals that he is a 911 Truther I felt I would put this poem on this blog to once again remind people that this man is not the elected President of Iran but rather the puppet put in power by the mullahs that control the country in a dictatorial oligarchy. I also think that it is fitting that a totalitarian like him would denounce free market capitalism.

The story of Kaveh the Blacksmith is maybe the most popular Iranian tale and the allusions in the poetry, such as they are refer to it. This link gives a version of the story.

KAVEH the Blacksmith

I regret to there is little I can do to help the  people of Iran that this effort insufficient as it is appears to be one the few things I am capable of helping with the cause.  The Story of Kaveh the Blacksmith who defeats Zohak the Serpent King summarized from The Epic of Shahnameh Ferdowsi.  Somehow I find similarities between Ahmadinejad who rules as a puppet for the Iranian Theocracy and Zohak who is a puppet of Ahriman the Evil One.  In real life however Kaveh the Blacksmith is in the hearts of the young people of Iran.  God help them to stay the course.


  1. Interesting. I haven't heard of Kevah the Blacksmith. I also think it's shameful that our media ignores stories like what is going on Iran because it's not as interesting to them as Lindsey Lohan going back into rehab.

  2. Andrew,
    I found this story and read it through. It is interesting that the Persian culture has a strong push against tyranny. I also find this very comforting. I do not believe the majority of the Iranians are in line with their government and those who are just are not aware of what it is doing. I saw special at the time where an older Iranian woman who believed in the regime was having great difficulty. Her daughter was showing her the videos and other information that there was and she could not accept this was the brasijji since she “knew” they were a moral force. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. We can only hope.
    P.S. I erred in the second paragraph I meant that Obama should recognize Mousavi and refuse to recognize Ahmadinejad.