01 November 2009


Visual Poetry by Individualist

Authors Notes:

I was reading various blogs on the internet regarding the situation in Afghanistan regarding the election fraud and came across this article by Jeanette Pryor which got me thinking about what we ask of our soldiers. All the blood and turmoil in Afghanistan and our government is giving serious consideration to getting out.

Afghanistan War

I came across this mythological account from Bullfinch about the creation of the Myrmidons. It struck me that the most famous warriors of Achilles the Myrmidons, would be made from Ants. Generally we tend to think of our Soldiers and Lions, Wolves, Devil Dogs, Bears, Birds of Prey or other tough and athletic predators. But in consideration one has to admit that Ants make formidable armies. In Africa the Army Ants are a terror and all animals flee when they come through an area. Each individual Ant instinctively knows its place in the hive and follows it duties flawlessly without being told. These would certainly make great soldiers. The metaphor emphasizes not just the grace and strength of the individual soldier but the teamwork and training that these soldiers together apply to make the army as a whole.


These were the inspiration for this poem along with these sites:

Long War

Todays Military

Many thanks to these sites for the great information placed there.

A Powrie is a mythological fey creature from Scottish folklore. It was also called a Red Cap due to the fact that their caps must be dipped in the blood of their victims in order to maintain its reddish hue. The Powrie or Dunner was required to kill in order to stay alive. It was said that it was not possible to outrun a Powrie that was chasing you.

AEacus was the Greek general who prayed to Zeus for protection after plague wiped out his city. It is said that the Myrmidons were brought into being in answer to his prayers by transforming the Ants.

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