30 August 2009


Visual Poetry by Individualist






New Love

Author’s Notes:
To the Ancients the Gods were not just deities but rather personal representations of things and feeling that impacted their lives for which they had little understanding. The personification of these concepts allowed them the ability if not to control their world at least to be able to interact with it. To plead with the forces that affect them at least gave some comfort. Therefore I think it fitting for a Love poem to reference the gods. The metaphor itself poetry enhances the meaning of the poem.

Apollo was the Roman God of Music, Healing and the Sun
Cupid was the RomanGod of Love
Occator was the Roman God of Harrowing
Furina was the Roman Goddess of Thieves


  1. Individualist, Do you do your own images or do you get them from somewhere?

  2. Andrew

    I create them from free images form MS Office clip art. I am very careful not to use images that come from other areas. All of them are composites of several pictures and other things.

    Although I have been tempted to buy some from iStockfoto.

  3. Andrew

    What I do is take backgrounds, photos, clips and put them together in powerpoint where you can overlay images. You can use the 3D formating tools to blend them allowing images to see through. By moving the sae inage over itself and uning the shape images feature you can get the physical effects. I can't draw but I can put things together.

  4. Individualist, They're very well done. Bravo. Interesting poetry too.